King Tithian

The King of Tyr is an enormous, heavily-muscled half-giant who radiates an air of quiet menace and power.

Height: 7'8"
Weight: 410 lbs
Race: Half-giant
Occupation: Gladiator/revolutionary/King of Tyr
Distinguishing characteristics: Covered in scars from gladiator career.  The most prominent runs from his left temple, across his forehead, and down his right cheek.  Where he isn't scarred, he's covered in intricate tattoos in the Giant script, a memento of his heritage.  He speaks with a loud, booming voice, and rarely wears a shirt.

King Tithian was a gladiator in Tyr's arena from almost infancy.  His family was taken by Tyrian slavers in his infancy.  He quickly rose to prominence as a fighter, distinguishing himself as one of the deadliest combatants in generations.  He uses an enormous two-handed sledgehammer, and wears almost no armor.

Tithian was instrumental in instigating the revolution that killed Sorcerer-King Kalak in Tyr, rallying the slave gladiators into a rough army and taking the palace back by force.  His bravery, combat prowess, and keen strategic mind made him a natural candidate to lead Tyr, and in the weeks following the revolution he has distinguished himself as a tough but fair ruler.

King Tithian

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